Course Text Page for Instructors

UPB is a convenient place to order course texts for small upper-division classes and graduate seminars. Students can avoid long lines at the textbook stores, and by choosing UPB you will be supporting a longstanding and unique Berkeley institution. If you’d like to order course texts from us, here’s what you need to know:

Since we are not primarily a textbook store, we do not automatically get class reading lists. We order books for classes only when specifically requested by instructors. (Since our regular stock usually consists of one or two copies of a given title, we won’t have class quantities if you don’t ask us to stock it for your course. If professors send students for a book without listing it with us, we will run out of it immediately.)

We have accounts with approximately 100 scholarly presses and selected other presses, and we order most books directly from the publishers. It takes three weeks on average for book orders to arrive at the store. We should receive your book list at least three weeks before the beginning of class.

Although we will do our best to accommodate orders received after this deadline, constraints on staff time and shelf space may make it impossible to fulfill late orders, once the term begins.

You can order by emailing us through our Course Text Order form, giving us a call at 510.548.0585, or appearing at the store in the flesh. We will always contact you to acknowledge receipt of email requests.

Per the Higher Education Opportunity Act, you must also provide the Cal Student Store with your book list. If you prefer to have your students buy the books from us, please indicate this in your course materials and strongly urge them to come here!

Near the end of the semester we will contact you to ask about returning unsold books to the publishers. If you know that you will be using the same books the following semester, please let us know. This allows us to keep the books rather than returning them, and also to decide whether to buy back used textbooks in this case, which we do not otherwise do.

After experimenting for a year we have decided not to offer a textbook rental service at this time (low student use of the service did not justify a labor-intensive process).

Each semester, the classes and books that we are carrying are listed on the “Course Texts” page of our website.

We very much appreciate your business and welcome your feedback on how this system is working for you and your students.

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